About Meenakshi Sharma

I am a broadcast journalist for the last twenty years. From studio anchoring to launching a channel, the space allowed me to explore all. The process has been one of the key elements in shaping me as an artist- a painter and a potter. 

For me as an artist, nudes are what love is to a poet. Nudes inspired me to embark on this journey of art. Charcoal and chalks are my favorite medium; acrylics are most friendly, while watercolors are ever so dreamy. Another thing that excites me to paint besides nudes, is nature. A lot of my commissioned art has been nature, landscapes, flowers, birds. Some projects offered me the chance to create Indian art- here I got to understand village art to tribal art, old forts and antique art-forms. 

Indian artwork inspired me to create murals, wall art and sculptures. Wall art allows you to move beyond the canvas and create a bigger space for mixed media.

This desire to create my women in a form where they are not confined to a canvas, I explored clay and therefore ceramics. The journey that began to south, started from the north! Yes while I wanted to make sculptures in clay, I started playing with it on the wheel and enjoyed making mugs! and vases..and tea-pots...and tealights...and platters and bowls. This sums up to tableware! I became a studio potter, further experimenting with forms and glazes.

I am a fashion designer by academic qualifications. This happened while I was working towards becoming a doctor! Thank god, I did not become one!

I am also a Bharatnatyam dancer. Though this story got over many years back but I still carry a back I developed then. It still inspires me and contributes towards me being an artist. 

This bio sounds a lot like multiple-personality disorder! Though I never have inquired if clinically it is! 


I am a self-represented and take clients on a limited basis. For availability, please drop a note at wildflowerpots@gmail.com I usually like to respond promptly.