A note about pottery

Studio pottery | stoneware pottery, hand-built and fired at 1260 degree Celsius in a gas kiln. Every single work is unique and can never be reproduced. 

Every single mug takes the final shape after going through many stages, over many days, sometimes weeks to finally come into being as a final piece.

Wheel work looks more of a craft- matter of skill, but the patience involved in the process- that of a potter as well as clay, makes it special. The process begins with a lump of clay. Step 1- This clay is wedged and wedged well to go on the wheel. Unless the air bubbles are not worked out of the clay, it is not possible to get a smooth work on the wheel. Step 2-  Now if the clay is not centered well on the wheel, it can not be raised or pulled. After being thrown on the wheel, only the appropriate thickness qualifies for the next step. Step 3- the pot is then trimmed, and carefully done as slight extra shave and we can lose it there. Step 4- It is allowed to dry up carefully without much air after we put the handles on them. Step 5- scrub out the extras and wipe them clean. Step 6- The work now is ready to be bisqued. It is firing for around 6 hours at about 900 degree Celsius. This process preps up the clay for the final glaze. Step 7- prepare the glaze- the batter which is coated over and inside the work to make it non-permeable. This step allows the potter to play with various techniques. Step 8- the work is now set to be fired for about 10 hours in 1260 degree Celsius. There we submit all the hard work in various steps to the Fire Gods. The beauty of pottery is that you can not control all the elements involved, despite of all the care you take while reaching till the last point. The gases in the kiln create the magic to glazes. Here the difference between canvas and clay is, you know which shade of red you have used. But in pottery, the gases, the temperature, the thrust and last but not the least your luck is going to decide the shade of red you will finally get. 

Creativity is a black hole. Endless permutations and combinations. Baby-steps that help you cover a long journey called life. I am in the process. That is how I play with my clay, shapes, forms, colors.

The oxides used are absolutely safe for health. They do not run out, as they are oxides fired for long hours and become a part of the body. Pottery is one of the elements when found in excavations after years- remain the same! I am an old school potter, following old techniques.

Pottery is a game of hard work, patience and unpredictability. The combination makes every work special and unique.

This is a long story cut short, but the hard work and patience that goes into each step is never compromised with. 

Clay helped me explore my patience, I was just at it...and the final product is what we see here.